St. Joseph sees an uptick in car break-ins

NOW: St. Joseph sees an uptick in car break-ins

St. Joseph, Mich – St. Joseph has seen an uptick in car break-ins.

The normally safe city saw 15 car break-ins in one night including one car that was stolen.

“One vehicle that was stolen had the key in the ignition,” St. Joseph public safety interim director Steve Neubecker said.

Police recommend people take the keys out of their car when leaving and locking doors and windows.

This is the third rash of break-ins this year, one of which happened in May where 21 cars were broken into, another spree two weeks ago and police say they’re putting measures into place to prevent it from happening again.

“There’s things we’re taking into consideration like putting up cameras in areas, increasing patrols, increasing our reserve officers coming just doing foot patrols hoping we could identify suspicious people out walking around in the area,” Neubecker said.

There’s one person under arrest for the most recent spree but police are investigating to see if all of the incidents are connected.

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