St. Patrick's County Park remembering 9/11 victims

NOW: St. Patrick’s County Park remembering 9/11 victims

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- It’s been 20 years since the 9/11 attacks changed our nation forever, and 20 years of police and fire departments alike in St. Joseph County annually gathering at St. Patrick's County Park to remember all the lives lost.

2,977 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and heroes' lives—taken far too soon.  To keep their memory alive, South Bend, Clay and Mishawaka fire and police departments gathered Saturday morning at the parks’ “Standing Tall” memorial, for a ceremony. It all started at 9 AM with the singing of our national anthem, and ended with the annual ringing of the bell and taps.

Coming together to honor everyone affected, is something participants say, is one way to say while thousands of loved ones may be gone, they’ll certainly never be forgotten.

Now while the ceremony is only held once a year on this day, the memorial in honor of the lives lost stands there all year long.

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