Startup Weekend could help boost economy

Organizers of the South Bend Startup Weekend want community members to join them to help launch the next big business that could help the entire community.

South Bend is the land of Studebaker.

"When you think back to the Studebaker brothers and the work they did here and 30 different companies that spun out from that entrepreneur activity,” said Jeff Rea, President of the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce.

That was quite a few years ago. Now the city is ready to generate some new ideas from the streets.

The South Bend Startup Weekend is a place to get started.

"No matter how crazy an idea is, you have to keep an open mind and run with it because that might lead to an idea that makes sense,” said Grant Carlile, one of the organizers of the Startup Weekend.

The event takes place the weekend of November 9th at the new Interstate 80 Commerce Center, the old AJ Wright Building.

All they want you to bring is an idea.

"Friday night people come together to pitch their ideas for a business or even just a fun idea,” said Carlile.

From there, the groups work over the weekend to launch a business plan.

Rea says that's what business is all about!

"When you think of why our economy started in the first place it was because entrepreneur had ideas and started those ideas here and grew,” said Rea.

From to Studebaker to the next big or small idea, the area is ready for boost.

"So fast forward to 2012 and I think we're encouraged by things like the Startup Weekend and what that gives to our local economy,” said Rea.

You never what could happen when you share an idea from the streets with others.

"When you have those people working around one idea and hustling on it, it can actually get done and basically that's what the weekend does,” said Carlile.

Click here to sign up for the Startup Weekend.

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