State health officials warn flu deaths could rise

State health officials are warning that the number of state flu related deaths could rise. And despite its deadly toll, the state's health commissioner says people aren't taking the flu seriously.

The flu virus already has taken the lives of 66 people in our state. And by Friday, when the weekly flu report is released, that number is expected to grow. 

Last year, the flu took a few 70 lives. And state health officials expect this season's flu deaths to easily surpass that. 

State Health Commissioner Dr. Jerome Adams says that everyone should be on guard, especially if you are in a certain age group.

“Sixty of our 66 patients who've died are people over 65," said Adams. "So it's important if you're in that population or around someone in that population that you're getting you flu shot and taking proper precautions.”

Here is where you can get yours:

Saint Joseph County Health department, Monday - Wednesday from 8am-12pm or 1pm-4pm

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