State looking for options for ITT Tech students

Former students and staff of ITT Tech are still waiting on answers.

The state of Indiana is trying to provide options.

As we've been reporting, several colleges throughout Indiana are stepping up to provide assistance for students hoping to transfer.

Here in Michiana, Ethan Shirk is a former student of the South Bend campus.

He would have graduated in December.

Now, he's waiting to hear from the education department about his transfer credits so he can finish his degree.

“And they just said call the Department of Education and hung up. That was it. That was all I got. So I called them and it's kind of a waiting period. I'm still waiting to hear back because the Department of Education is heading the student loan dismissals, the transcripts, everything dealing with the students,” said Shirk

Ivy Tech is one of the main colleges trying to help ITT Tech students.

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