Steve-O Foundation funding summer camp for special recipients

Recipients of the Steve-O Foundation scholarships said if it wasn't for the scholarship, they wouldn't be able to afford camp this year.

"The Racing for Steve-O Foundation was started on behalf of my dad. He was a former triathlete from our area and high school coach and teacher for South Bend Community Schools for 30 or 40 years,” said Sarah Cira, Treasurer or Racing for Steve-O, Inc.

That's where Steve Smith became inspired by his students and athletes with special needs.

"He was diagnosed with brain cancer a couple years ago and recently passed away after our last charity event,” said Cira.

Through his foundation, his commitment to helping those with special needs lives on.

This year, money raised will send 27 adults and children from our community to a special needs camp.

"We did not think we were going to have enough money to go to camp this year because of funds. Steve-O Foundation helped us out a whole lot and gave us the funds to go to camp,” said Kent Parker, a scholarship recipient.

Cira says that's what her dad would have wanted.

"When I called them to let them know that they were winners they were so excited. They were dancing around the room and screaming and hollering. They said going to the camp is like Disney World for them,” said Cira.
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