Still experiencing winter storm impacts

NOW: Still experiencing winter storm impacts

We are currently in the worst of this winter storm with snow still falling, gusty winds resulting in blowing snow/reduced visibility, and icy roads. If you can help it, stay home today with dangerous road conditions lasting into the afternoon. There are three main concerns this weekend to pay attention to: snow, winds, and bitterly cold temperatures.

Lake enhanced system snow continues to move its way out this morning with lake effect snow continuing into tonight. Many areas could see between 1-3 inches, more is likely further north where lake effect plays a role - up to 4 inches is possible mainly in SW Michigan. Expect windy conditions all day long, likely gusting up to 45 mph at times. Winds out of the west will make blowing snow an issue, especially on North-South oriented roads. Winds today will also make power outages a possibility, which becomes even more concerning when factoring in the Arctic air intrusion on its way. Sunday brings more lake effect to northern Michiana, but more notable, will be the bitter cold temperatures. A wind chill advisory goes into effect at midnight tonight, highs will stay in the single digits tomorrow through Tuesday. Daytime wind chills are expected to stay below zeros, nightly wind chills could get as low as -25.

Today: Snow and wind. Temperatures fall from 27.
Tonight: Bitter cold. Snow showers and wind. Low 2.
Sunday: Bitter Cold. Lake effect snow showers. High 4.
Monday: Bitter Cold. Lake effect snow showers. High 4.

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