Some coronavirus stimulus checks aren't showing up in people's bank accounts

NOW: Some coronavirus stimulus checks aren’t showing up in people’s bank accounts

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Those long-awaited stimulus checks started hitting Americans’ bank accounts this week. Some saw their checks deposited with ease, but for others, it’s a different story.

While people have been receiving the direct deposit into their bank accounts, others have been having issues. One man in Michiana said he’s still waiting for his, even though he got a notification saying he received it.

James Cain, a landlord living in Walkerton, Indiana is just one of many Americans who was expecting to see money in his bank account. Instead though, he noticed that nothing was deposited.

The IRS told him it was sent, but right now he’s trying to figure out where it went.

Cain, who is a landlord said he needs the stimulus check to keep the electric, heat and internet on for his tenants. So he was really counting on getting the money quickly.

“It is just a little frustrating though, because people like us really need that money,” Cain said. “Because while we’re sitting here, granted the governor has ordered utilities and things like that not to turn people off, but the bills are still adding up.”

It’s pretty hard to get through to the IRS on the phone right now, but you can go to the agency’s website here to change your direct deposit information.

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