Storm chaser takes to the road

PLYMOUTH, Ind. — While many residents were dreading the severe weather in Michiana, one man was anxiously awaiting for the extreme conditions.

"Since I was in the fourth grade, I've been in love with the weather," said storm chaser Nathan Curtis. "I picked up my first meteorology textbook when I was in the sixth grade and I have been studying this stuff."

Tracking Wednesday's storm was like Christmas morning for Curtis who's studying meteorology. He has chased over 20 storms to date.

"I love how beautiful it is and I love how powerful nature can be," said Curtis.

And Wednesday was no different.

Curtis packed up his camera and live dash cam that feeds directly to his website and he started chatting with the National Weather Service as he staked out Indiana from Plymouth to LaPorte to Pulaski counties trying to find that big storm.

The storm prediction center issued a PDS—a particular dangerous situation—for Wednesday's storms.

"There's some chance of some tornadoes early where we can have super cells form a head of the line," said Curtis. "But the main threat tonight is going to be damaging winds."

And because the storm could end up being dangerous with up to 100 mile winds, Curtis says people should stay in their homes and leave the storm chasing up to the professionals.

"Make sure you are in the lowest part of your house and stay away from trees," said Curtis.

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