Storms knock out power across Michiana

ST JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Sunday’s storm left people across Michiana without power and A.E.P. has been working to try and get the lights turned back on as fast as possible.

It has been lights out for homes all across Michiana after storms ripped through neighborhoods, causing power outages.

But one business is benefitting from all this damage - The Home Depot.

Alex Banday and his son Chase Banday were just one of many families at the store Monday checking out generators.

“We are here to pick up a power inverter because we still do not have power,” said Alex Banday.

There were only two generators left Monday.

“There are a lot of areas that are down and are going to be down for close to two days, so yeah generators are a hot item right now,” said Home Depot Department Head Don Smessaert.

Smessaert says Home Depot has a truck on its way to fill this shelf with generators once again, because no one is really sure when the power will be fully restored.

“One person said we are going to get it today, but quite a few people have said we are going to get it on Thursday,” said Chase.

While 9-year-old Chase does not mind the lack of lights and heat even in these cold temps, his dad is ready for the power to be back on.

“I got a little scruff going on. I would like to get a hot shower,” said Alex Banday.

However Alex says he is thankful a little scruff is all he has to deal with.

“We could be like the people in Illinois. We still have our home. We could be even worse like the people in the Philippines. We have a house and our family is all safe,” said Alex.

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