Storms rocked Stevensville & Bridgman

Stevensville, MI - There are numerous reports of trees down and power outages in the small town of Stevensville.

Stevensville is in Lincoln Township up in Berrien County.

Emergency crews are going house-to house to make sure that everyone is okay and check damage to homes.

It's reported that a tree fell on a house, it's believed that no one was home at the time.

Police scanner traffic indicates a bulk of the damage is being reported on Notre Dame Street and John Beers Street.

Much of the town is also reported to be without power.

IMP can't tell us how many people in the town are without power but have told us that Berrien Co. has about 1,236 people without power as of 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

ABC 57's Ryan Klund will have a LIVE report tonight at 11 p.m. from Stevensville.

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