Strawberry season coming to an end early this year

NOW: Strawberry season coming to an end early this year

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Across Michiana, June is typically the time to head to the strawberry patch and get your hands on one of nature's sweetest treats. 

In fact, this upcoming weekend is traditionally a huge one for strawberry picking at Ziegler's U-Pick Strawberries in North Liberty.

However, because of the warm winter and start of spring, if you're looking for strawberries past Wednesday, you might be plum out of luck.

In the almost ten years that Joe Ziegler has been growing strawberries, he says this is the earliest they've ever come into peak form. Also, because the weather hasn't been too warm (no 90-degree days in South Bend as of June 11), his crop has had a great year, too.

Ziegler says the last day of "u-pick" season at his farm will be Wednesday, June 12. After that, he says he will not have the volume of strawberries to support the demand. 

So, while you won't be able to pick strawberries this weekend at Ziegler's, it will be perfect weather for eating strawberries! By Sunday, you might need to enjoy some strawberries in a milkshake or smoothie, with highs in the lower 90s expected.

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