Sturgis Police investigating discovery of skeletal remains

NOW: Sturgis Police investigating discovery of skeletal remains

STURGIS, Mich. -- Sturgis Police are investigating after someone located skeletal remains in the area of S. Nottawa Street and Bogen Road Tuesday morning.

They are working with Michigan State Police and Western Michigan University's Anthropology Unit to determine if the remains are human.

"I'm just totally shocked I mean it's just unbelievable you know you never think about anything like that would happen," Ken Grabe whose family used to own a farm on the land said. 

Grabe said he is relieved that the remains are not that of a child, namely Brittney Beers who went missing in 1997. 

Despite the discovery of possible human remains in unknown circumstances being found Grabe said it's still a good area to live.

"It's a small area and pretty much everybody knows everybody it's a good area to live in no doubt about that," Grabe said. 

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