Supermarket shooting has residents on edge

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The double fatal shooting at Martin's that appears to be random has many residents worried for their safety when out in public.

Shoppers out Thursday said they were concerned, but said they didn't know what to do to be safe.

"I really don't have any idea of what can be done," said South Bend resident Eric Candltorfer.

"Even before this you always had to be aware, there are a lot of crazy people out there nowadays," said Mishawaka resident Larry Orszulak.

"So just to hear about more of these things happening just confirms for me that if I go out that I should go with somebody or especially now with these incidents happening I wouldn't go to Martins or places by myself," said Notre Dame student Wendy Hatch.

This kind of violence can happen at a grocery store, movie theater, hair salon, mall, workplace - anywhere.

Some say they rely on faith to keep them safe.

"I just know if I am paying attention, God is paying attention," said South Bend resident Connie Price.

Others rely on what they can carry to protect themselves.

"Personally I feel pretty safe, I do have a license to carry a concealed weapon, I don't take that out with me very often but if there is a time or a place that I feel insecure about safety I may have that with me," said Candltorfer.

Edward Becher, the Director of the Body Guard Academy, says you never know when random violence will affect you, but there are some things you can do.

"Keep our life as normal as possible, don't change anything that you are already doing. Just become more aware of your surroundings. They want you to feel fear. Know where you are, know your surroundings, keep your cell phone on you if you have to call 911," said Becher.

And know that those everyday tasks like grocery shopping will go on- despite this random and chilling act of violence in our own community.

"You can't predict, I mean if you are going to live your life you have got to be out to these places," said Mishawaka resident Allen Pixley.

"Live your life, bad things happen. It's unfortunate and it is horrible but you can't lock yourself in the house," said Candltorfer.

Becher says the most important thing is to return to your normal routine - don't avoid grocery stores.

People that terrorize want to instill that fear and if you change your life out of fear, you are feeding into it.

He adds if you are ever in a similar situation, run or hide depending on the circumstances.

"The incident that happened in Elkhart is called an active shooter incident. And the big thing to think about is one, if it happens when you are there, get out. Evacuate yourself. If you cannot evacuate, hide. And once the police arrive, keep your hands visible, cooperate, and follow their instructions," said Becher.

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