Support Premier Arts by stopping at their pop-up benefit sale happening today in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind. -- Premier Arts is hosting a pop-up benefit sale this weekend in Elkhart from 12-3 p.m. where you can just pop in and shop while making a difference.

You’ll find some pretty sweet gems around here from new to used items.

And, you're not only getting quite a deal but when you shop today you're supporting the arts.

“These kinds of events just do supply a good foundation for all that we do. We do productions throughout the year but also we have lessons, we have classes, we have camps, we have workshops for all ages from young all the way to adults,” said Tanner Smail, Premier Arts Director of Marketing and Communications.

The big sale is taking place Sunday in their production facility in Downtown Elkhart on 133 State Street.

Over the years, the non-profit collects all of the items you can think of from local organizations or things they have purchased to create sets for theatre shows.

Now, that theatre is up and running again, they’re making room for the next sets they’ll need to create by selling the old sets with your help.

You’ll find anything from home decor, to ornaments, sofas and who knows you’ll probably find some gems that have been in a professional theatre play.

Susan Ott who is a volunteer at Premier Arts and is a part of the sewing team stopped by to do some shopping herself and is encouraging others to do the same.

“Come to the sale, there’s a little bit of everything, brand new, used, you may be have seen it on a stage, you may have seen it in a store, the prices are great and I hear there bundling so if you get lots of things, they’ll get you a deal,” Ott said.

And, if you have never heard of Premier Arts before, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and where your dollar is going if you shop today.

Premier Arts has been inspiring people and bringing live entertainment to Elkhart since 2016.

“Premier Arts is a place that if you want to come join theater, you can, you want to participate in theatre, you can, if you want to grow yourself and become a more confident communicative human being, we can help you with that and this is one way you can help support that,” Smail said.

Premier Arts is a local non-profit theatre company in Elkhart that focuses on giving community members the opportunity to grow in a creative way and inspire love for the arts.

The staff there are all professional volunteers that help put on the shows as well as having volunteers from the community.

They provide both a fun environment and a learning experience to all people by offering classes to enhance performance skills and workshops.

Smail says anyone from the community can join the fun to be a part of the plays or can become a volunteer.

He also says they strive to bring the community of Elkhart a total theatrical experience and they’re eager to be doing what they love most, which last year stole from them.

“Oh, my goodness, we are so excited. I can just feel the electricity in the air of just talking to people about the shows coming and the fact that restrictions are being lifted because of vaccination numbers are on the rise and people are being safer and feeling safer and it’s just like wow,” Smail said.

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