Suzanne Crouch discusses campaign for Governor with ABC57

The upcoming Indiana gubernatorial race could make history.

There's already three republicans in the running to replace Eric Holcomb as Indiana Governor in 2024.

Fort Wayne businessman Eric Doden announced his candidacy last year, with both US Sen. Mike Braun and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch officially launching their campaigns this week. Holcomb has reached his term limit and cannot run again.

If elected, Crouch would be the first woman to hold the office in Indiana. But in a one-on-one interview with ABC57 News, Crouch didn't seem too concerned with making history. 

"I never see myself as a woman candidate. I see myself as Suzanne Crouch. Someone who tries to work the hardest they can. Someone who tries to improve other people's lives," Crouch said. "So I don't ever see myself as a female candidate. I see myself as the best qualified candidate to deliver results for Hoosiers."

Crouch said her campaign is focused on improving Indiana's quality of life through four issues she identifies as "building blocks for the future".

  • Growing the economy
  • Investing in education
  • Strengthening families and communities
  • Transforming government

Specifically, Crouch believes the state can do more to improve public health, mental health, and fighting addiction.

"Because mental health and mental illness affects workforce, it affects our budgets, it affects Hoosiers and their quality of lives," Crouch said.

"We all have known people with these challenges. And my family is no exception. My mother suffered from depression. My sister, she committed suicide. And my brother we buried in November, he was an alcoholic. Those Hoosiers that inherit genes that predispose them to these conditions deserve an opportunity to be successful. That's also part of quality of life."

Life expectancy in Indiana has been declining since 2010, according to the Governor's Public Health Commission 2022 report, with the Hoosier State ranking 40th in the nation for life expectancy.

Crouch would like to see Indiana increase investment in public health.

Crouch said, while respecting state representatives' priorities to constituents, being so familiar with the legislative process would help her balance the legislatures goals with Indiana's economic goals.

"I have a vision for Indiana. But you know what? A vision alone isn't going to improve people's lives. You've got to make that vision a reality," Crouch said. "I have those deep relationships; where together we'll be able to implement that policy that will improve the quality of life for Hoosiers."

There still hasn't been a Democratic candidate to enter the Governor's race.

Following Crouch's announcement, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl released a statement saying in part, "Crouch has shown that she has no problem supporting her Party’s extremist agenda. Let’s not forget Crouch cast the tie-breaking vote to require survivors of rape or incest to have their affidavits notarized before getting a legal and safe abortion. There’s little evidence to believe Crouch would actually put a stop to this extreme level of politics."

ABC57 is reaching out to all of the Indiana gubernatorial candidates for one-on-one interviews.

You can watch the full discussion HERE

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