Swedish car manufacturer celebrates 25 years of business in Michiana

NOW: Swedish car manufacturer celebrates 25 years of business in Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Swedish car company Suzuki-Garphyttan celebrated its 25th anniversary of business in Michiana as well as its new partnership with the City of South Bend on Tuesday.

Suzuki-Garphyttan became one of the first companies to open a business location in the Blackthorn area of South Bend.

"It’s pretty well located between Chicago and Detroit. Of course, Detroit, the main capital for automotive in the US, logistically well placed, but also the city, as such, was interested to attract new industries,” said Ad Raatgeep, CEO of Suzuki-Garphyttan.

The company is currently looking to differentiate and expand into other industries and lower their 85 percent dependence on the automotive industry.

“It’s important now to get a little bit away from automotive. Not get away, but to get into new business. We are to roughly 85 percent dependent on the automotive industry. That’s always tricky. That means you always follow the automotive industry,” added Raatgeep.

Through a new partnership between Suzuki-Garphyttan and the City of South Bend called “Project Future”, the company looks forward to expanding its business ventures and wants to continue growing locally.

The partnership will focus on getting local residents connected to new positions created during Suzuki-Garphyttan’s future business expansions.

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