Swiss Valley slopes remain open despite warm trend

NOW: Swiss Valley slopes remain open despite warm trend

JONES, Mich. -- Despite temperatures reaching as high as 47 degrees on Monday, Swiss Valley Ski and Snowboard expects to push forward well into March before closing down for the season. 

In fact, General Manager, Jamie Stafne, says warmer temperatures often draw in more customers. 

"These conditions are great, they're great for learning, they're great for families. It's a little milder so you don't have to dress as warm."

The sunshine brought out more than 2,000 people in total over the course of the weekend, with families coming from as far as Indianapolis to hit the slopes. 

Right now, the snow covering each hill is around 75% man-made, and skiers or snowboarders are working with a base of up to 36 inches beneath them. 

For visitors, the sunshine is a welcome change, as it allows them to wear lighter layers and ski in a more comfortable fashion. 

One visitor also said the man-made snow has a bit more of a cushion, making it easier to deal with should someone fall. 

More information about Swiss Valley and their open dates or availability can be found here

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