Task force clarifies Delphi murder suspect sketches

Photo courtesy of the Indiana State Police

DELPHI, Ind.—A multi-agency task force released clarification points on Wednesday regarding the sketches of the Delphi murder suspect.

The sketch in public view over the last two years was of a person in his 40’s or 50’s who was a person of interest in the murder investigation.

On April 22, police released a new sketch based on the maturing investigation. This sketch is of a person who police believe more accurately represents the person wanted for the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in February of 2017.

Police released the following points regarding the two sketches:

  • They are not the same person
  • The person depicted in the originally released sketch is not presently a person of interest in this investigation
  • The sketch released on April 22nd is representative of the face of the person captured in the video on Liberty German’s cell phone as he was walking on the high bridge
  • The person in the sketch released April 22nd is described as having a youthful appearance, but could fall in the age range from his 20’s to late 30’s
  • This person’s appearance could look different today if he has grown a mustache, beard or let his hair grow longer or cut his hair shorter than depicted in the sketch

Police are asking members of the Delphi community to reflect on people they know who look similar to the sketch released on April 22, especially if that person has changed their appearance since February 2017.

Additional clarification points regarding the case in its entirety were released by police on April 23. 

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