Tattoo shop steps in to help family of man killed on Notre Dame campus

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – It has been over a week since 22-year-old Mark Ellsworth was killed in an excavating accident on Notre Dame’s campus. Now the community is coming together to try and support his 3-year-old daughter.

“When do you ever expect a call that says that your son is gone,” said Mark’s mother Mary Ellsworth.

Mary held back tears as she spoke about the day she got the call that her son Mark was killed in an excavating accident on Notre Dame’s campus.

She pulled herself together because she has no choice but to be strong for her 3-year-old granddaughter Halo.

“She is a pretty special girl. Mark loved her to death,” said Mary.

But Mary will not have to support Halo alone. Friends and family of Mark helped out financially in the form of a benefit called “a Rose for Mark” at WitchHammer Tattoo in Elkhart.

A rose was the last tattoo Mark got before he died, so friends and family donated money and got rose tattoos in honor of Mark to support his daughter.

“There is a trust fund for her that she will get when she is older,” said  Mary.

More than anything Mary hopes the rose tattoos will help keep her son Mark’s memory alive, especially for Halo.

If you would like to donate to Mark’s daughter’s fund, you can do so at any Mutual Bank.

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