Teacher loses job, student writes 'Jesus and weed' paper

 A school paper on Jesus and weed was written by a high school student, but the teacher who made the assignment is under fire and is out of a job.

Katrina Guarascio assigned her students to write a paper using an old story and rewriting it in modern times.

One student decided to write about the Bible and changed the story about Jesus handing out bread and fish to the poor to Jesus handing out marijuana to the sick.

After the paper was shared during a peer review session, the contents of the paper were blasted all around the school and into the community.

“I don't take any personal offense. It's not written for me. It's written for them. It's how they can express themselves,” says Guarascio.

She say she was not forced to step down, but felt it was necessary after she says she was targeted and harassed by others. 
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