Ride to remember Mercedes Lain

Plymouth, Ind -- Community members came together for a motorcycle ride, all in memory of Mercedes Lain and to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect.

Local riding group Crazy Jester met on South Michigan street in South Bend and from their, kick stands were up until they reached the Mercedes Lain memorial site.

"Simply showing the kids that their community is here and there is people out there that they can come to such as people like us," said event organizer Brandy Kramer.

Saturday that community showed up and supported the family of Mercedes Lain.

"When I got here and found out, I just felt the need that I need to donate some money to family to help the barrel and whatever else they need because it just felt right in my heart," said supporter John Quirk.

The organization not only raising money to lend a helping hand but allowing people to write heartfelt messages to the family.

"There’s a whole in the heart that you just can’t, very heart breaking, that these kids have to live in environments like this," said Kramer.

Riders supporting the family as they grieve and look for answers.

All in effort to make Sadies Place, a place of peace moving forward.

"It’s very heart wrenching, for little kids to be treated in such a manor, because they’re so innocent," Quirk.

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