Teen runner honored for national championship win

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- The city of Mishawaka honored a local high school student’s special achievement. Anna Rohrer won the Foot Locker Cross Country National Championship this past weekend.

She's only a sophomore in high school, but she's leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

"Just the magnitude of what's happened in the course of this season is just still, we're hoping to have a chance to digest it all over the next few days,” said Wendell Rohrer, Anna’s dad.

Anna Rohrer put Mishawaka on the map this weekend when she came in first place in the National Championship cross country race. Anna ran the 5K in 17 minutes and 24.8 seconds.

"I can't believe all of the support and how happy people are for me and for our school and now people will know where Mishawaka Indiana is and that's fantastic!" said Anna.

Rohrer was given a key to the city and honored in a ceremony Monday afternoon in front of all her classmates and family.

"She inspires me to not give up and to make sure I'm doing my best in whatever I do because that's what she does and I don't want to let her down,” said Katie Rohrer, Anna’s mom.

Anna says she goes through about 6 pairs of shoes a year and puts about 350 miles on them.

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