Teen with cancer an inspiration to all

ELKHART, Ind. -- At 15-years-old, Sarah Crane is the youngest person in the country battling stage 4 colon cancer. As she struggles to get better, she touches lives and inspires everyone around her. We spoke exclusively with her grandmother about her battle.

"We've always known that she's been a fighter all her life. Her short life that she's had so far," said Sally Faus, Sarah's grandmother.

Earlier this week doctors told Sarah the chemotherapy she'd been receiving was making no progress.

They said her cancer was untreatable.

She left the hospital and went home to be with her family.

"Sarah is doing the best that she can in this situation. She is not able to go to school where she wants to be because she is too weak," said Faus.

That isn't stopping her family from planning events for her and showing their support.

They held a fundraiser at Martin's in Elkhart to help with the hospital costs. They also sold t-shirts with "Sarah Strong" written on them. They sold out.

"She is overwhelmed. The whole family is overwhelmed with how this community has come together to show their love and support. And many of them don't even know her or the family," said Faus.

But they know her story and her strength.

She is more of an inspiration to us than we can ever be to her," said Faus.

In a blog posted Thursday by Sarah's older sister she said, "Sarah is the most influential person I have met and I am blessed to call her my sister."

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