Teenager hit and dragged by a car while walking to school

NOW: Teenager hit and dragged by a car while walking to school


ELKHART, Ind -- A 14 year old was taking her normal route to school Tuesday morning, when a car hit struck her and dragged her body under the vehicle for one block.

"I’m feeling kind of hurt about it but also kind of really good because I didn’t die," said the victim Ciandra Harris.

Ciandra says she has the same route to school every morning. 

Part of the route is to walk west on Superior street. 

However this time, she was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross Gage avenue.

The vehicle stopped at the stop sign, hit Ciandra anc continued to drive away heading East on Superior street.

"It wasn’t stopping to check on me or anything it just kept on pushing me underneath it," said Ciandra.

Ciandra says that the vehicle continued to drag her down Superior street until it got to the stop sign on the corner of Simpson avenue and Superior street.

From there the vehicle checked to see if it hit anything before turning right and driving north on Simpson avenue.

Ciandra says she was able to roll from under the vehicle before it continued driving.

"I was thinking that it was going to come back to run me over again," said Ciandra.

"All I was concerned about was getting her to the hospital making sure she was ok. Because as soon as she got in the car, I said where does it hurt, she said everywhere," said Ciandra's mother, Alisha Harris.

At this time the Elkhart Police Department has not located the vehicle or a suspect but encourages the public to share any information regarding the accident. 

That information can be shared by calling the police department or calling their tip line at 574-389-4777.

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