Teenager killed in Michigan City shooting

NOW: Teenager killed in Michigan City shooting


Michigan City Police are investigating a shooting that killed one person. It happened Tuesday night at the intersection of Grace and Holliday streets just before 8:45 CT. Now, we are hearing from a family member of the victim.

The shooting happened a few blocks away from the police department. But after the shooting, someone drove the victim's to the police station.

Michigan City Police say a car with 4 people inside came to the police department and met officers who were leaving the building.

Inside the car, there were 2 people who had been shot. Their names have not been released.

Both of the victims were taken to Saint Anthony’s hospital, but one later died. The suspect or suspects are unknown at this time.

ABC 57 News spoke exclusively with a cousin of the victim who died. She tells us the victim is a teenage girl and the family is in shock because she had so many years ahead of her.

'It's terrible, she was a good kid," said Susan Simmons, the victim's cousin. 

According to Simmons, the victim's family lives in the area where the shooting happened.

"It's a terrible thing that her mom has to pass the street to go home and see where her baby was gunned down. It's awful that she has to see that," Simmons said.

Michigan City Police are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately at 219-874-3221.

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