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The annual Battle of the Badges bowling competition is held and it raised money for Cancer

SOUTH BEND, IN -- Hundreds of police officers and fire fighters battled it out to help local women fighting a battle of their own.

The annual bowling tournament is called battle of the badges and it has been a much anticipated event for 17 years

The winner receives a trophy that is displayed in their precinct for the year, but the real winner is the women they are battling it all out for.

Clay fire cares and hello gorgeous which is a charity that gives free makeovers to women battling cancer teamed up to surprise Amanda Hess with a makeover of her own

Hess has been battling cancer for over a decade.

“Well I was diagnosed in 2006 with a brain tumor -- and I had most of it removed at that time -- and I did about a year of chemo -- and it stayed away for almost 11-years then I found out last summer that it had grown just a little bit since the last surgery. So then I had to go under radiation and chemo this time and I just finished in March so I'm just glad to be done and move forward in life and finally -- hopefully this will keep it away for a long time” says Hess.

Despite Hess' ongoing battle she's ready to enjoy the day

“I'll get a massage, and clothes, and I don't know I'm just happy to get pampered I guess” says Hess.

In previous years this event raised between seven and eight thousand dollars from this event, but event organizers say they expect to raise over ten thousand dollars this year

If you're looking for a way to help you can find the details about how to donate, listed on battle of the badges Facebook page

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