The Bachelor's Ben Higgins returns to Warsaw for fundraiser

The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins returned to Michiana for a fundraiser on Friday night.

People all over the country followed the Warsaw native’s quest for love. He found it with Lauren Bushnell.

The newly engaged couple returned to Higgins’ home town this week and brought attention to a local youth program.  

Higgins’ utilized the programs at Warsaw’s Baker Youth Club as a kid and worked for the group as a college student.

“I just think this place has so much impact on the community and as a result it’s had a lot of impact on me,” said Higgins.

Their programs provide after school supervision and activities to local kids. Focusing on education, health, physical fitness and social skills, the mission is to invest in the futures of Warsaw’s kids.

“Two hundred kids come through these doors a night. Looking for homework help, a hot meal, The word that kind of came to our mind when we think of Baker’s is safe,” said Higgins.

At Friday’s annual fundraising event, the chance to meet Higgins and Bushnell and hear their love story meant the club would be bringing in the Benjamins.

With the couple in attendance, BYC Reality Night drew in over 500 guests.

BYC Executive Director Tracy Furnivall says in the past the event typically brings in around $50,000 for the club. This year he expects it to reach over twice that.

“He’s doing everything he can now to take his celebrity status and help organizations that are near and dear to his heart and we’re fortunate enough to be one of those,” said Furnivall.

Higgins says BYC not only had a major part in his childhood, but, it played a big role in his love story when he and Bushnell spent a day there.

“I knew it meant so much to Ben and the fact that he had kind of chosen to take me on that meant the world to me and it was something that I could see us doing in our normal life,” said Bushnell.

Higgins says now that the couple is public, sharing his passion for BYC and Warsaw with his fiance is important.

“This is a place that has meant a lot to me and Lauren has now been here twice. I think it’s becoming something that means a lot to her…It’s just really nice to now be able to bring her home and show her what this community is all about,” said Higgins.

For more information about getting involved with Baker Youth Club, click here.

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