The dangers of 80-degree temps on your pets

It may not exactly be hot outside, but temperatures in the 70s and lower 80s can be dangerous for our furry friends. Every year, animals are left in vehicles and die when it's too hot inside. That's because the sun's rays can be very dangerous despite the actual air temperature only reaching the 70s. If the sun is shining directly onto your vehicle with all of the windows rolled up, and the temperature outside is around 80°, the inside of your vehicle will rise to 99° in just ten minutes! In 50 minutes, that temperature soars to 121°! Of course, that is when the sun is shining with little to no cloud cover and no shade protection like trees or buildings. Regardless, cars are extremely dangerous for both pets and humans when there is no air flowing through them.

Vehicles aren't the the only danger to be aware of when it comes to your pets, though. On a sunny day with temperatures in the upper 70s, a concrete surface will rise to 95°. Meanwhile, an asphalt surface will rise to 114°! Those temperatures can be painful and even dangerous for the paws of both cats and dogs. Remember the 7-second rule. If a surface is too hot to keep your skin on it for just seven seconds, it is too hot for the paws of your cats and dogs. When temperatures rise into the middle 80s, which happens quite frequently in Michiana during May and the summer months, asphalt surfaces can feel like 130°! That is hot enough for first-degree burn injuries and nearly hot enough for second-degree burn injuries. It's not just concrete and asphalt surfaces that can become dangerously hot. Grass and gravel become uncomfortably toasty as well. 

If you have to walk your pets when it's sunny and warm, try to avoid the hours of 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. That is when the air temperature is the hottest. Thus, that is when the surfaces will be the hottest. Also, try to find shaded areas and avoid all asphalt, concrete and gravel surfaces, if possible. 

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