The Emporium is building new office spaces

SOUTH BEND, In. -- A local developer is bringing new life to the east bank Emporium.

Entrepreneurs in South Bend will soon have the opportunity to live in an urban and vibrant environment.

Dave Matthews, a developer, has gutted the upstairs of the Emporium and is putting in desks for rent. He hopes that this will attract small businesses and entrepreneurs to the city!

Dave Matthews said, “We’re making eight suites with probably sixteen desks that people can rent and then on the outside we’ll take the paint off the building so that we can bring some of the old character back to this site.”

The conference room will overlook the water and Matthews said it is one of the most beautiful views in the city. “It’s just a really great atmosphere… a beautiful background, and beautiful views from the offices and homes.We’re getting a great entrepreneurial vibe from twenty and thirty year olds moving into the area that are trying to make a difference.”

But that’s not the only amenities being added inside the Emporium. There will also be a new restaurant that makes French crepes!

Dave Matthews said “On the first floor there’s a crepery that’s going in and also a dance studio, so all those renovations are happening right now.”

In just a few days fiber optic cable will be installed so the area can have high speed internet.

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