The end of the soggy-foggy cycle is in sight

NOW: The end of the soggy-foggy cycle is in sight

Soggy back to foggy tonight, then another round of soggy (light rain), Saturday night / early Sunday morning. The forecast is still stubbornly dreary -- until the snowpack melts, – which may painstakingly take until late next week, even with temperatures above freezing. With a slow melt, temperatures are less likely to reach 50 degrees by the end of next week, but high in the mid-40s are sill 15 degrees, above normal for the end of January. The climatological, coldest time of the year in Michiana, won't be as we're seasonable mild to start February.  

Tonight: Foggy. Low 34.

Saturday: Foggy and cloudy. Showers late. High 42.

Sunday: Cloudy. High 38. 

Monday: Mostly cloudy. High 39.

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