The holiday travel of 2022

NOW: The holiday travel of 2022

MICHIANA, Mich. --With around one-point-two million Hoosiers expected to travel this holiday weekend, the vast majority of them hit the roads; with high gas prices, thirty-three cents higher than last year, some travelers may look for other options to see their family on Thanksgiving. 

According to triple-a, the number of drivers during the holidays stayed consistent over the past four years with 2020 being the outlier, however the number of travelers flying or seeking alternate modes of transportation have been increasing. 

Airline travel in Indiana saw a nine percent increase since last year, as well as a twelve percent increase since 2019, with other modes like bus and train travel seeing a nineteen percent increase since last year. 

Even though gas prices might be a factor, others have said traveling via train was the more convenient option. 

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