The Last Dance: Flint Dance Studio to close after 64 years

The Last Dance: Flint Dance Studio to close after 64 years

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. --It’s the last dance for Flint Dance Studio. After 64 years in Mishawaka, they are finally closing the curtain.   

“It’s time. I still love it and I’ll probably will still do it here and there around the area if I can teach somewhere here and there. But I’m going to take a minute to chill,” Owner and Teacher of Flint Dance Studio Sherri Flint Gordon said.  

The studio was opened by Sherri's parents, Jerry and Donna, in 1960. Throughout the 1950s, they traveled on the road a lot as dancers, sharing the stage with several big stars.   

“The opportunity came, and we decided to make the move. It was in the general vicinity. It's been a good journey; I’ve been really fortunate,” Founder of Flint Dance Studio Jerry Flint said.  

Sherri made the decision to close in an announcement on the studio’s Facebook page. The post was followed by dozens of comments from longtime supporters, friends and former students offering heartfelt thanks and expressions of love.   

“It helps you understand where I’m with it. My mom and dad created that environment. It's been a great run,” Flint Gordon said.  

The studio is now on the market with many potential buyers already touring the building. Sherri is hopeful it can remain in good hands.   

Sherri says dancing will always be in her blood, and she still wants to choreograph musicals and teach some classes at different studios.   

But one thing she is looking forward to in the next chapter of her life after forty-seven years of teaching is being “Nama”.   

“Just being Nama and spending time with my kids and just doing whatever I want. And still being able to dance, share time with my dad, that's my plan. But sometimes I just like to wing it if you will. I like to fly by the seeds of my pants and I’m ready for that,” Flint Gordon said.  

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