The Lemonade Stand Challenge teaches students entrepreneurship

NOW: The Lemonade Stand Challenge teaches students entrepreneurship

ST. JOSEPH, Michigan -- Some elementary school students in St. Joseph, Michigan, are learning how to operate their own small business through the first Kidpreneur Camp. 

It is called The Lemonade Challenge and began with one parent entrepreneur, who wanted to helped her fifth grade daughter launch her own business.

Heather Shelby started Spark. Ignite. Launch! Learning Academy.

It is a week long camp that inspires young campers to take business ideas and make them realities through brainstorming, problem solving and critical thinking.

“We do a lot of brainstorming, some creative brainstorming.They name their businesses. We do a lot of marketing. They make flyers and we go downtown and pass them out and they get a chance to talk to the business owners and talk to people on the street,” says Heather Shelby.

For Shelby, it is a teaching tool on how to earn money independently and most campers see the benefits as well.

“I learned the four P’s for marketing.So the four P’s of marketing are really important to market something like selling lemonade. It’s really nice to sell lemonade, be out here, stand out as like a team. A strong team and a good team,” said Divyang Verma who is a fourth grade camper.

The camp offers skills that benefit kids in classroom learning and inspires thinking about careers, according to Shelby.

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