The Ohio State University moves cancer patients to new facility

Employees and volunteers at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at The Ohio State University were presented with a challenge on Sunday. They had to move 200 cancer patients into their new facility in just 12 hours. 

In one massive effort, all of the patients, doctors, researchers and nurses were moved into a new state of the art hospital that's being called "the future of cancer care."

This move took 700 volunteers and used two command centers, ensuring that no patient was ever out of sight. 

Cancer doctors say that this new building is not just about the technology, but about the overall patient experience. 

"You hear those three words, 'You have cancer', and it's 'fear, fear, fear'. But you come to the new James, and you're just filled with a great sense of inspiration and hope," said Michael Caligiuri, M.D., a doctor at the new facility.

In the brand new, 21 story building, there are no barriers between scientists and survivors. 

Scientists working to cure cancer will search for answers side-by-side with those who will benefit from it.

Doctors there say this approach is the future model of the battle against cancer. 

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