The Republican Primarys affect on bond proposals

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Tuesday, Michigan’s registered Republican voters have a chance to weigh in on who’ll be their presidential candidate but how will their presence at the polls affect bond proposals?

Buchanan has a proposed bond on the ballot for Buchanan Area Schools. It’s been touted to voters as a savior for the district but people at the polls Tuesday seem to have their thoughts elsewhere.
“The Primary,” said Donald Viganski, when asked why he showed up to the polls.
“More the Primary,” said another voter Marjorie Stypczynski, when asked whether she showed up for the primary or the bond.
“I’d say the primary,” said Richard Penland, a Buchanan voter who support the bond but showed up mostly to choose the Republican candidate.
Every voter in Buchanan was asked to weigh in on the bond. Three different ballots could be chosen by voters, depending on party affiliation, but all ballots had the bond issue on them.  
It’s a $19.5 million dollar bond and a property tax increase. Will these republicans voting down that bond?
“I voted against it,” said Viganski. “I think it’s a chance to say ‘No,’” said Bill Martin, a voter who wouldn’t reveal his vote.
Some G.O.P. backers are thinking the opposite. “I think Republicans are more for the community and make sure things are run right and doing well,” said Penland who thought Republicans would be more apt to vote ‘Yes’ for the Buchanan School’s bond.
“Everyone supports the schools,” Stypczynski said even though the bond is a tax increase, it has nothing to do with support for schools.
Andrea van der Laan, Superintendent of Buchanan Area Schools, said Tuesday she didn’t think Republican Primary voters would sway the bond’s outcome.

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