The search for the suspect in Elkhart's hit and run continues

NOW: The search for the suspect in Elkhart’s hit and run continues


ELKHART, Ind.- There have been no new details provided by the Elkhart County Homicide Unit or the Elkhart Police Department since Sunday evening, but Elkhart Chief, Ed Windbigler is asking for everyone’s help.

“It happened on a Saturday evening around nine o’clock, somebody had to see something,” says Windbigler. “These are innocent children and a young adult that lost their lives during this incident. We’re asking for anybody that had seen anything that may have been in that general direction Beardsley and Cass.”

Five people were victims in this hit and run. “These people were not out doing something that got themselves in trouble, “says the Chief.

Elkhart Police officers arrived on the corner of Cassopolis and Beardsley Saturday night, around 9:19. They were called out on a motor vehicle crash.

When they arrived they found five victims on the sidewalk and road. 11-year-old Courtney Smith died at the scene.

All 22-year-olds Allison Mikel, Bradley Smith and Shawn Wolcott were transported to hospitals. Wolcott later died at Memorial Hospital. 8-month-old Dolly Smith died at Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

“These officers that responded to this all are family people if they don’t have kids themselves they have brothers and sisters so whenever you deal with the death of child especially an eight month old the other young child it’s never easy on anybody,” says Windbigler.

The suspect was traveling east, veered off the south side of the road when hitting the victims, reentered the road and proceeded to hit two other vehicles before fleeing the scene.

“It’s so important that the public speak up even if this is a relative of yours and you know they were involved in this, this family has lost three people we have got to get this case cleared,” Windbigler says.

Elkhart Police say they believe the suspect vehicle is a light colored Cadillac with front and driver side damage. Contact them if you have seen anything like that.

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