South Bend Police investigate shooting that left one person injured

SOUTH BEND, Ind – The South Bend Police are investigating a shooting on the city’s west side.

Thursday's shooting took place along Brookfield Street, near Orange Street.

Police say one male was shot and transported to Memorial Hospital, and another male believed to be one of the suspects went to Lakeland Hospital in Niles with gunshot wounds. 

A neighbor on Brookfield Street, who did not want his face shown, described what happened.

“All I know is, I was inside my home and we heard pop - pop - pop and somebody tapped on my window and as I looked out I could see someone running on the side of my house and after that all we know is the police were everywhere,” The neighbor said.

SBPD are searching for evidence throughout the area in an effort to piece together the details of the attempted robbery that led to a shooting, but in the meantime, neighbors say they're concerned about their safety.

“Well you know you always wanna say you're safe at home but you can never say that now, you never know, you never know now. It's just getting to that point that you don't know,” said a neighbor. 

Both the victim and the suspect have non life threatening injuries and they're believed to make a full recovery. 

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