There's a new bond rule in St. Joseph County

NOW: There’s a new bond rule in St. Joseph County

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.- St. Joseph County will be leading the way in a new state wide bail relief program, chosen as one of nine counties in the state to take part in a pilot program that changes jailing procedures for inmates awaiting trial.

St. Joe County is one of nine counties in the Hoosier state that has been chosen to participate in Criminal Rule 26, which aims to help those awaiting trial avoid being jailed until they are proven guilty.

This program will allow people to go back to their jobs and be with their families while they await trial, regardless of how much money they have.

It’s only applicable if the individual does not pose a risk to the public. A panel which included community activists, a county judge and the head of the community corrections advisory board explained how the new process will work. Using a tool developed by the state, people who have been arrested, but not convicted will be assessed.

Bond is usually set based on the offense that the person is accused of. But now, bond will be based off of what we know about the individual offender.

“People who are charged with a crime, if they are a threat to the community, should have a high bond on the other hand if they do not pose a threat to the community then they should not be sitting in jail awaiting their trial simply because they do not have access to resources,” says St. Joseph Circuit Court Judge John Broden.

This program will be in full affect in St. Joseph County on October 16th and if all goes well, the program will be mandated for all counties by 2020.

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