Three drug busts on same Marshall County road

TIPPECANOE, Ind. - Indiana State Police and the Marshall County Drug Task Force made three drug busts in Marshall County's Tippecanoe Thursday morning--all along the same road.

“This is a quiet little town. We’re kind of off the radar. We like to stay that way," said Rhonda Elliott, who lives next door to one home police swarmed.

But Marshall County's Tippecanoe is home to three houses on 18B Road, all within a half mile span, that made it on the radar of Indiana State Police and the Marshall County Drug Task Force Thursday.

ISP says they served multiple warrants as part of a drug investigation.

One for dealing narcotics was served to the man who lives in a home in the 3300 block, Gabriel Geldner.

According to the state website, Geldner was charged with possession of methamphetamine in December.

“We’ve known it for a couple years that they were keeping tabs on it," said Marsha Miller, who lives next to Geldner.

Even before then, neighbors who have lived on 18B Road for decades said they noticed something fishy.

“We’ve just been having a lot of traffic back and forth, all times day and night, a lot of people pulling in staying for two minutes, three minutes, never a half hour or more, and leaving," said Elliott.

Traffic should slow down at least for a little while, seeing as one house now bears an official note that says, "A clandestine laboratory manufacturing illegal drugs and/or hazardous chemicals involved in the manufacture was seized on 1/18/2018."

With officials taking action against folks in these three homes, neighbors say they finally feel relieved.

“This is my town. I’ve been here since '75, '76, and it’s just a quiet little town that everybody seems to enjoy, and when you get things like this, you just really want to clean it up, because we still get young ones in this town that really want to have to not have to deal with this stuff," said Rhonda.

ISP says they plan to release more details on Friday.

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