Thrift shops see increased business amid high inflation rates

NOW: Thrift shops see increased business amid high inflation rates

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- One man’s trash is another’s treasure at Renegade Resale in South Bend.

With rising inflation rates the shop is attracting more customers hoping to save a few bucks.

“I’m nervous about inflation right now. I think we all are, just to see how it’s gone up in the last year and where it’s going," said Amy Elliott, a customer at Renegade.

Elliott frequents Michiana thrift stores -- typically finding savings 55 percent or more off retail prices.

Over at Practically Perfect, Manager Kim Morton is seeing more customers like Amy coming in to save money, with inflation raising the cost of clothing more than 5-percent according to the consumer price index.

Because practically perfect’s inventory is resale, prices have stayed consistent despite inflation – while sales jumped 10-percent last month, according to Morton.

"So, if they price their stuff high, they won’t sell it as quick so it’s kind of low pricing and able for people of all ages to afford," said Morton.

Over at Renegade Resale, Owner Teresa Breiler says her consignment shop has seen a similar bump in business.

At Renegade, clients can bring in their items on a 60 day period to see if they sell.

It’s helped keep inventory constant without passing the higher cost onto customers.

“We try and be fair for the customer and the consigner. I mean we want to give the customer a great deal, but we also want to make money for our consigners so it’s a fine line," said Breiler.

If you’re interested in getting rid of old items both stores are currently accepting inventory.

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