Toddler hospitalized after eating marijuana-laced snack

NOW: Toddler hospitalized after eating marijuana-laced snack

ELKHRT, Ind -- A three year old toddler was hospitalized after eating THC laced potato chips in packaging designed to look like Cheetos.

The toddler always receives snacks from their neighbor, who works for faith mission and brings home snacks for three year old Kamiya Cantrell.

However, on Thursday evening, after eating what looked like a regular bag of Cheetos, the toddler started to have unfamiliar behavior. 

The mother, Desiree Diliberti, says, she was shaking on and off in the evening and when she noticed her still shaking the next morning, she decided to take her to the hospital.

"But then in the morning time she had did the same thing, so I was like I don’t think It’s going to stop. So, I took her to the hospital – So, I took her to the hospital and they gave her some medicine to help stop it but she wasn’t waking up. So, they did a cat scan, they didn’t find nothing wrong, so they took her in a helicopter to memorial," the mother Desiree Diliberti said.

Ka'miya went through several scans and test, before leaders at Elkhart General Hospital decided to transport the three year old to Memorial Hospital in South Bend, via helicopter.

Upon arrival, Diliberti says they ran more scans, but eventually noticed THC in her system after a urine test.

That's when Diliberti says she decided to trace what her daughter had eaten on Thursday and realized the bag that looks like a regular bag of Cheetos, had 600 mg of THC in the chips.

Diliberti says she does not believe the neighbor had bad intentions towards her daughter but Ka'miya will not be taking anything, from anyone, moving forward.

"She’s an older lady and she always gives her snacks so I don’t feel like she intentionally knew that she was hurting her, you know," said Diliberti.

As of now, Faith Mission says they're glad the toddler is good condition but this was scary and they're looking into how this happened.

"My understanding, which we’re looking into it right now, on faith mission side, to see exactly if it did happen here or how it happened. Because our policy is anything that is donated that is given out to the community, has to be in its original package. Now I understand that these Cheetos were in a package that looks like Cheetos, but weren’t," said Resource and Development Director of Faith Mission Mike Perez.

We also reached out to Frito Lay for a statement and here's what they had to say: 

“The health and safety of consumers is our highest priority. Frito-Lay does not manufacture edible cannabis snack products and any packaging containing THC claims is not associated with our company or brands. We continue to pursue entities selling products which create consumer confusion by illegally infringing on our trademarks and packaging design.” 

As of now, Ka'miya is home and recovering, as police and Faith Mission, investigate the incident.

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