Tom Turkey Cupcakes

If you have never had the pleasure of watching The Addams Family Values, treat yourself this Thanksgiving.  

Wednesday and Pugsley get sent off to camp, and they do a holiday program about the first Thanksgiving.  Believe me, it will provide you with a catchy tune perfect for many turkey days to come!  I made these cupcakes, and could not stop singing the song!  I texted a photo to my sister, and she responded with, "now I want to sing the 'Happy Turkey Day' song."  It is classic!

Anyhow...our web producer asked all of us to come up with a family recipe for Thanksgiving.  

Instead, I looked up ideas to decorate cupcakes like turkeys and pilgrim hats!  

They were pretty easy, and would be a great activity if you have kids in your family.  I need to borrow some children to help me with these fun crafty baking projects.  Jamie's live too far away!  

Here is the recipe for the turkey cupcakes.  I could not find oval shortbread cookies, so my Toms look a little funny with circle wings, but they are still cute!  I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, but you could really make any type of cupcake you want!

I also made pilgrim hats!  Those are SO easy!  Start with a fudge covered cookie.  (I used Fudge Stripes flipped upside down).  Place either a chocolate covered marshmallow (advanced) or a mini peanut butter cup (easy) on top (I suggest freezing the pb cups ahead of time so that the chocolate does not stick to the wrapper when you remove it).  Then use white or yellow icing to make a rim around the pb cup or marshmallow and also make a buckle.  Super easy, and lots of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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