Town of Pines concerned over water quality

TOWN OF PINES, Ind. -- The Town of Pines isn't exactly a booming metropolis; only a stoplight and a gas station make up the town's central business district.

But it's what the 300 homeowners here can't see that could be hurting them.

Paul Kysel leads an environmental group dedicated to securing clean water for the town.

For decades, he says area well water has been contaminated.

"Our very life is dependent on a good source of good drinking water," Kysel said.

Just a few years ago, a test by the EPA concluded the water was contaminated with harmful pollutants. Despite this, Kysel said the government only helped some homeowners.

"A neighbor across the street or a neighbor next door, literally next door, and they didn't get water, but their neighbor did," Kysel said.

There are still over 50 people in the town who aren't connected to municipal water. Kysel has heard of cases of ill health, and fears more might happen if action isn't taken soon.

"People can't help but wonder if there isn't some strange connection or not so strange connection between experiences they have had healthwise and this," Kysel said

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