Tracking stimulus payment disbursements

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Many eligible Americans woke up to deposits from their third stimulus payments on Wednesday, but others are still waiting to receive theirs. The IRS says 7 million returns still haven’t been processed, but you can check your status on the Get My Payment Tool.

Simply enter your information and the site will tell you when the payment is expected to hit your bank account.

90 million stimulus checks have already been sent out to qualifying individuals, but some are still waiting for this round despite getting the previous two much faster.

South Bend mom Stacie Cole was hoping to use hers for a spring break vacation.

“A little frustrated but just trying to stay positive and patient and hope that it gets here before spring break gets here,” said Cole.

South Bend Certified Public Accountant Christine Lauber says to consider the time of year as the reason for the delays.

“The IRS could not be more busy than at this time of year and I think what they’re doing is since the rules have changed a little bit on who’s entitled to this stimulus based on your income I think there’s probably a little more checking that’s happening before those checks are released,” said Lauber.

Lauber says if you haven’t filed your 2020 tax return yet the IRS will use your 2019 return to determine eligibility. This could be the cause for people incorrectly not qualifying for this round of payments.

“Maybe a new child was born or a child went over 18 or whatever the age limit is I mean any kind of change in their status it’s not going to catch up until the status is updated and that’s usually done with this year's tax return,” said Lauber.

For those who have already filed Lauber says not completing your return electronically can also be the cause for delays.

“I mean it takes a while for them to process paper returns that’s why they strongly encourage e-filing and people really should e-file. It’s fewer errors because if you send a paper return in it has to be key punched that’s another delay in getting it into the system. If it’s e-filed it’s already in the computer," said Lauber.

The IRS says those who qualify should receive their payment by the end of this month or be notified of their status by mail.

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