Trade war is helping food bank industry

NOW: Trade war is helping food bank industry

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- Local food banks are seeing an unexpected benefit of the growing trade war between the U.S. and China. Food pantries are seeing a rise in government commodities as the threat of increase tariffs continue to rise.

This growth in commodities stems from the Department of Agriculture buying more products from U.S. farmers to offset the loses they are seeing overseas from the trade war. These products are then donated to local food banks. 

"Last year we got 49,000 pounds of government commodities," said Mike Hayes, Executive Director of The Mishawaka Food Pantry. "So far, this year we have 34,000 pounds already so it looks like we're going to get more items."

Hayes says that the trade war has also given the food bank a bigger variety of goods to offer those in need, including fresh milk.

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