TRANSPO offers the ticket to a safer summer for your family

A safer summer for you and your family could be just a bus ticket away.

For $30, kids in kindergarten through 12th grade, can ride the TRANSPO bus unlimited for the entire summer.

This could mean more opportunities for students to take advantage of summer programs.

Officials with the Robinson Community Center say this is great news because not only does this mean more kids could take advantage of summer activities but it keeps them safe, as well.

“It's a safer way to travel,” says Duane Wilson, Program Director with the Robinson Community Center.

“It's a great way for parents not to have to worry about, ‘how is my kid going to get to summer camp?' or ‘how is my student going to get to their summer job?'” says David Cangany, General Manager of TRANSPO.

Wilson brought up one cause of concern with the program. He says students in kindergarten or third grade shouldn't be on a public bus alone.

“I would be concerned of the safety of someone that young getting on a bus by themselves,” says Wilson.

TRANSPO says it's all about common sense.

“I would just encourage parents to use their own good judgment if you will. This a great thing for parents running errands with their kids or going to the doctor's appointments,” says Cangany.

So, as the summer heats up and the buses fill up, the Robinson Center team hopes places like theirs will too.

“If they wanted to attend our programming or be a part of what we do then this is a possibility for them,” says Wilson.

TRANSPO says this is also a money saver as one month pass alone is usually $30.

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