TRANSPO relocates route

A route to the South Bend Public Transportation Corporation is changing as of February 2nd.

This comes after complaints from local businesses in the area where route number nine stops.

Although this change may provide a little bit of a learning curve for passengers at first, TRANSPO General Manager David Cangany says this change is pivotal.

“This relocation is moving us to a more suitable location. It's more convenient for our passengers, to transfer between Transpo at the Interurban Trolley,” said Cangany.

The bus will still stop for passengers wanting to board at Bittersweet but the new destination for this route will be in front of Twin Branch Park, which is along Lincoln Way.

Todd Hooton, a neighbor in the area, thinks this relocation is a good idea.
“I think it's gonna save maybe a lot of accidents, it's gonna be easier for us to get out of the parking lot, might make traffic a little easier,” Hooton said.

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