Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre announced their opening weekend date

Courtesy: Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre Facebook page

PLYMOUTH, Ind. – Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre announced on their Facebook page Tuesday afternoon that they currently plan to open for their first weekend of the year on April 2.

The theatre has a current lineup of movies that is in place which is subject to change and could be altered.

Screen #1 is planned to have a double feature that will begin with “Godzilla vs. Kong” and follow with “Wonder Woman 1984”.

Screen #2 will also be a double feature and is set to beginning with “Nobody” and concluding with “Freaky”.

Plans point for single feature on screen #3 which will air “Unholy”.

Tri-Way also wants to air “Tom & Jerry” on screen #4 if the weather forecast appears promising.

A final lineup will be released on Monday and can be found on there website by clicking here.

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