Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre gears up to reopen

PLYMOUTH, Ind. – The Tri-Way Drive-In Theatre is reopening for the season April 2, giving moviegoers a chance to enjoy a film under the stars.

The drive-in is reopening with new film features like Godzilla vs. King Kong, Tom and Jerry, and more.

When explaining why the drive-in is reopening now, owner David Kinney had a variety of reasons.

“The weather was getting nice and I felt it was that time of year, and everybody’s eager to get out and do something different. They’ve been cooped up in their houses and I know with this uh, Covid, uh, crisis that’s been going on, you know, people are ready to get out and do something different. And so, hopefully the weather is going to improve for us and it’ll be a great weekend,” Kinney said.

The theatre plans on showing a mix of new and retro films this year.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for children 4 and older.

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